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February 2, 2012

Whether you intend on boosting your click through ratios flag or just plan on intriguing the viewer’s attention, procreating a successful web banner design requires certain rules to stand by. Though there are several mediums that could assist a developer with adding attractive tweaks to their banner, there’s always more behind the wheels for making it outshine. Therefore, to help you get started, we have listed below some really great tips on designing a successful web banner that will never go downhill in impressing viewers. Take a look!

1: Enhance the Visual Appeal

If you want a wider viewer base, then foremost gain the perspective as an effective viewer and understand the experience of the customer who encounters your web banner. Not many would realize but an observer’s reaction to the web banner largely depends upon the aesthetic, psychological and practical facets. To develop a successful, outweighing web banner design, make sure that you draw viewers’ attention to the page and arouse their interest in the intended product or service. For which, you need to enhance the visual appeal of your web banner and make it aesthetically compelling. The creator can also use subtle graphics and bright colors to achieve an appealing layout.

2: Do not go overboard with Animations

This may be one of the most easily overlooked aspects by web developers. Remember, a short animation which displays repeatedly can rather annoy potential customers. Thus, ensure not to turn forceful by integrating excessive animatronics. An effective web banner recur a limited number of times before showcasing an impressive static image. You can place your company logo which features an effectual layout.

3: Understand the Customer Psychology

Since visitors tend to be apprehensive or doubtful of web banners for malicious pop-ups, spam and other malware, you need to ensure that your web banner structure instills a reliability factor amongst them. A good web banner should always overcome such stigma by understanding or gaining an insight of customers’ sensitivity and psychology. Instead of opting for flashy designs and loud music, you can decide upon a simple banner design with a ‘click here’ icon. Including an icon which merely states ‘submit’ can also be effective and result-oriented.

4: Include Other Perks

Another successful, attractive route to achieving more clicks is by subsuming a slew of eye-catchy offerings. There are several good web banner designs that sweep users off their feet by rendering something for free. Yes, you read that right! You can comprise some amazing free videos or games for a wider viewer base. After all, free money does manage to put people on their guard.

5: Keep It Short & Concise

Lastly but equally importantly, target the right audience by catering to their needs whilst keeping it short and concise. Though it requires details and dedication to execute in that manner, it’s however not a herculean task. Make sure your web banner design serves the purpose and stays practical by featuring a concise structure. As people do not have the time or motivation to read lengthy and words-filled banners, ascertain to deliver your most important message in just about the given time. Always bear in mind, a banner with relevant information is always preferred over a crowded homepage.

Hopefully, by incorporating the aforementioned guidelines, you will be enabled to develop a successful web banner design with the right purpose and the right audience.


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