Because the new year just started, I want to offer you a gift. I`ve built a new template which can be used for under construction / coming soon websites. Did you`ve recently bought a domain name but you don`t have the website finished? Use my template! I consider these kind of templates very important because they help you a lot. You can gather a list of email subscribers, you can get in touch with future clients and you can redirect the visitors to your social networks. I present you PaperLaunch!

PaperLaunch is a clean and unique under construction template, designed with attention to detail. There are 9 color schemes which can be combined with no more than 15 different background patterns.

The template is fully functional, being packed with a clean countdown for your launch date, a subscribe form for your email campaigns and a contact form which will put you in contact with your future clients.

PaperLaunch is easy to configure and comes with a well documented help file, which will assist you to set up the template in minutes.


Main Features:

  • Easy to configure jQuery Countdown
  • Ajax Subscribe Form
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • 9 color schemes
  • 15 background patterns
  • PSD Files Included
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3



  • You may not claim intellectual and exclusive ownership to the template.
  • Do not provide the direct download link nor upload the template onto other servers for your own share. If you want to spread the words, just link to this article.
  • You may use it for your clients’ projects / websites.Unlimited number of projects.
  • In one words,you may use it as you want, but be a nice guy and remember me :) !
You might want to see my other template: RETRO – Under Construction Template

I thank you for visiting my blog and hope that the template will come in handy! If you have any question related to the template, drop me a comment below or contact me.

Written by Madalin Tudose

Madalin Tudose is a web designer and developer who loves to inspect websites for new designing techniques and trends. He`s the founder of Ourtuts, where he blogs about anything related to web development.

  • Jorge Rábago Vega

    Hi Madalin,
    I can’t make the suscribe and the contact to work correctly
    I changed the Email in the phps, but i don’t get any email when someone suscribes or contacts in the website
    Do i have to change something else to make it work?
    Please help me

    this is my website under construction

  • Michael Salas

    Hi, counter does not work. Why? What I can do?

  • Ezequiel

    Hi, thanks for sharing! It looks awesome :)

    The contact us and subscribe forms are not working for me, I get the “ERROR!” message when I submit.

    Do you know what could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Ezequiel

      Don’t worry, got it working, I had to use my domain email per the hosting request.

      Thanks again for sharing :)

      • Madalin Tudose

        I`m glad you solved the issue. Enjoy the template! :)

  • Peter

    Hi Madalin

    there seem to be a problem with discussion which have more postings – it becomes smaller and smaller, and there is no “Reply” button…


    • Madalin Tudose

      Yeah, I know about the comment`s layout issue. I have in plan to implement a new commenting system but until then, the old one is what I got. Just write your comment where you can and I`ll know that it is from you. Thanks!

      • Peter

        Your question below: “The website is built by you? …”

        Yes, is built (better: filled) by me, using the fine template linked in the footer.

        I used classic HTML and no CMS because
        – I wanted to get practice with my editor and pure basic HTML
        – I wanted to avoid the initial effort for a CMS (learn the system, modify or integrate the templates, discussing which system is the best…). I think the volume of my site is not big enough to use a CMS


        • Madalin Tudose

          When you opt in for HTML or CSS, the size of a website matters. Yours is small at this moment indeed and I think you took the right choice. Best regards!

  • Peter

    Hi Madalin

    I tried to use the conatct-form in other site, but something is wrong. It works only when I insert the entire code twice – the first code does not work, the second one works. I think that there is something hidden / switch off / double page -feature.

    Can you help me to extract the basic code?

    Thanks and regards


    • Madalin Tudose


      The form used is a premium contact form and you can get it from here:
      Thank you!

      • Peter

        Hi Madalin

        thanks for the info. In the meantime I found a perfect-flexible-formgenerator:

        It is in German, but the few words necessary to use it could be learned or translated with some dictionary.


        • Madalin Tudose

          Cool tool. Thanks for sharing it! Good luck with your project! :)

          • Peter

            > Cool tool. Thanks for sharing it!

            Don’t thank me – I wrote only the link here. The Master of PHP is here:

            > Good luck with your project!

            Thank you. 90% are done and released. The rest will be organic growing.


          • Madalin Tudose

            The website is built by you? I noticed you give it a go with HTML…why didn`t you try a CMS like WordPress? Is quite awesome to use it.

  • spark

    Hi Madalin ,

    I have to say, it’s a terrible great template, thanks for your wonderful job.

    but … I have a little confused, have you canceled the download link pls?

    I don’t find it.


  • OsCalar

    Great template for some one who building website not complete.
    Thanks for share!

  • Peter


    I just loaded the template, modified it to German language, and it works fine. Thank you and good luck.


    PS: One small idea: is not defined, but it would be fine if someone want to / have to use a caption instead of a logo for his company.

    • Peter

      Edit (the tag is lost in posting above). What I wanted to say:

      …One small idea: the tag h1 is not defined …

  • sanca

    hi sir, how to input recaptcha into the contact form..?

    I need your more advice… :)


  • sanca

    hi sir, thanks for share…

    but my confusion as to its time setting..

    How to setting times… thanks

    • Madalin Tudose


      the time setting can be found in “js/custom.js” line 4:

      var austDay = new Date(“May 28, 2012 00:00:00”);

      Change the date to another date and you`re ready to go!

      • sanca

        thanks for your advicing, sir..

        your advicing very helpful…

  • anton gherca

    hi. great job whit the template. thank you very much for making it available.