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November 15, 2011

It is almost unofficially official that Google is shifting beyond links and so does online marketing. No longer online marketing is dependant on those spammy techniques whose sole purpose is to get as many links from different websites as possible.

It has tiled towards quality and this all because of the two back to back algo updates by Google code named as Google Panda update and Google Freshness update and both of them are refreshingly awesome despite the fact that Google forum was almost chocking with the angry feedbacks of webmasters. So, online marketing has got matured and it is about people again and it is heartwarming to see this move. So, here we are trying to figure out the possible metrics that might govern the future of online marketing.

Quality, Quality and Quality

Panda Update was meant to weed out sites with thin or low quality content and without an iota of doubt; it has managed to brush out a significant sections of them. However, like any other major changes, there are some really good websites which were also inadvertently affected by this. So, next time, you sit with pen and paper to sketch the future online marketing strategy for your business, you should remember the thing that you are not looking for any short cut route to success simply because there is no shortcut route to success.

You need to focus on quality sternly. However, the problem is that different people have different perception about quality. Some people think that reproducing the same article in different words is Quality. But this is definitely not the case anymore. You need to produce thing that is unique, awesome and at the core informative and interesting.

It is People and Not Search Engine

Google seems asking marketers to shift their attention from search engines. Just think about the users and that will do. The reason is that search engines especially Google has evolved a lot from the past. It is not the same search engine that used to show up websites based on their backlinks. It now takes into considerations different factors such as bounce rate, microformat, number of post being shared, users’ engagement, speed, site structure, domain name, site age and other similar factors before giving it higher ranks in its SERP.

So, you would be better off if you concentrate on promoting your website, engaging visitors and do other stuffs, not sneaky though to see better result in the long term.

Serve Me Fresh

Everyone wants fresh things and this is what might have motivated Google to roll out its Fresh update. This update is infectious in nature and has affected as much as 35% of total search result. However, it is important to note that it have not affected sites in general. It is an algo update whose soul purpose is to deliver fresh results to users and that you can have your share of visitors easily by publishing articles in regular intervals.

To exploit the advantage of Google Fresh update, you need to make sure that the posts are coming with date and time so that Google can track them easily.

Reputation Matter

Google has already launched authorship markup. Though the apparent purpose is to give credit back to real authors, in reality, Google is using author details to figure it which content deserves to be on the top on a particular search query. Author with huge followers and reputation will automatically gets better ranking, at least we can hope this.

To make it work, you need to create a Google profile and then give a link back to the article page and vise versa. However make sure you are using – rel=“me” when you are linking back to Google profile page and Google rich snippet tool is there to check whether this is working or not.


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