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September 17, 2012

The most common and easiest way to recognize a brand is by its logo. At first glance, there doesn`t seem to be anything special about the logo, and yet, there`s something which intrigues you because the second time you see it, you know that you already have the image of it in your mind.
The difference between a regular logo and a great logo is the memorability aspect. Does it stick in people’s minds?

So, what makes a logo so memorable? There are, of course, some key factors which define a logo: simplicity, clear message, credibility, visual impact. All of them, combined with the power of design create the perfect recipe for a hard to forget quality logo product. The next time that potential customers see the logo they will immediately know the name of the product or business being represented.


Simplicity is one of the most important factor involved in a logo design process. Simple images are easier to remember than more complex images because…this is how human nature works. We like to remember simple things. In fact, logo design can be considered nothing than a strategic process of implementing a lasting impression in our imagination, while assimilating the logo image. Logos should be simple. Look at Apple logo: a simple apple with a bite. People recognize it all over the word, and not only they just recognize it, but they also wants to have it. Take a look at how simple logo designs should be:

Delivering a Clear Message

The purpose of a logo is to clearly represent the image of the business because the logo is the first element which comes in contact with a possible client of the company. Therefore, its message has to be clear enough to connect with the prospects. I call this type of logos “smart logos”. They manage somehow to showcase a hidden message and also to represent the brand.


Nowadays, when more and more businesses are working in the same domain, is hard to filter between real companies, companies which do their job and fake companies. Many of us don`t know how to do it and finally get scammed with so much ease without understanding why that happened. The user selection process became rigorous for companies and they find it harder to deliver credibility without doing their job. That`s why delivering credibility through the logo design is so important.

Visual Impact

Without a doubt, design has the biggest impact on users. We like beautiful things, we get excited when seeing an original image or object. And the second step is to retain it in our memory. This is what a logo is supposed to do. Its design has to be bold enough to get our attention and simple enough to make us memorize it. It sounds like a successful logo design recipe. Combining shapes with colors and typefaces into a logo is more an art than science, therefore, making it with taste should be the right path to follow.

A logo is the centerpiece of every company and the process of building brand awareness starts with it. The importance of a logo design shouldn`t be underestimated in conditions in which more and more people are making choices based on first impressions related to company image. A logo has to be designed to deliver credibility and professionalism so that the lasting impression it makes should be the right one!


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Madalin Tudose is a web designer and developer who loves to inspect websites for new designing techniques and trends. He`s the founder of Ourtuts, where he blogs about anything related to web development.