August 29, 2011

Gadgets are nothing but the ideal things that express your thoughts and lifestyle. Your favorite iPods, mobiles, laptops and few other significant things fall under this category. No one can deny the truth that gadgets reflect one’s personality. Gadgets select you as much as you select the gadget. In today’s techie era, a man is estimated with the kind of gadgets he owns. This is indeed the performance of technology. A man is known by the company he keeps but the same individual gets his identity and is also judged by the gadget he flaunts. Many research reports reveal the personality of a man from his cell phone and other gadgets he owns. Such intricate scenarios make us to raise a methodical question to ourselves, “Do our gadgets rule us?” This question sounds dodgy.

Machines are made for man to lead a life of comfort and ease. Money and machines can turn dangerous anytime, when they start ruling us and it is always safe and wise to rule these 2 Ms without any flawless conditions. Here are 10 tips for you to rule your gadgets.

Don’t depend on your gadgets

It is always safe being less dependent on your gadgets like smart phones, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc., When you start depending on these items, life may turn out miserable even with a minor crisis. Say for example, you have saved all your important files in your laptop and say that the total system gets collapsed and this is such a situation that your data can never be retrieved. What would happen? The world may turn upside down. It is always wise to have two or three backups or other means to save your head from such miserable situations.

Avoid getting pre-occupied

Do not give room for your gadgets to occupy and rule your time always. You might be working on your system in the office for 8 hours and turn on your laptop or phones when you return home. This life becomes mechanical and monotonous. Find some time for your family and friends.

Stop boasting

Never boast or show off that you are the owner of a particular gadget as any trouble or snags in the future might put you in an uncomfortable scenario.

Don’t let your personality to be created

You should always remember one thing that your gadgets just reflect your personality and they can never create one. Never take things for granted and let these lifeless machines to create your personality as human beings are unique creations of God.

Understand the necessity

Do not buy gadgets just for the sake of buying or just because your neighbor or friend has one. Try to understand your requirements and needs. Confirm whether a particular gadget is necessary to fulfill your requirements and serve the purpose.

Never lose your identity

Many people feel proud when they say that they own an iPhone or a Dell laptop. These people sacrifice their original identity. There is nothing to be happy or feel proud just by saying that you are owner of a particular product just by losing your identity.

Never sacrifice your interactive and energetic life

Life is unstable and the days we spend on this earth should always be energetic, interactive and worth remembering. Don’t get stuck with your gadgets every time and miss the small and greatest things of life. Your baby’s smile is definitely precious than the brand new app in your iPhone. Understand the essence of active living.

Do not get carried away with the brand

Brand power is the most influential power in this competitive world. Be careful in choosing a gadget of your choice and never get carried away with brand name. Always ensure whether a particular gadget will fulfill your needs and not just the fame of owning an esteemed brand.

Beware of gadgets

Beware of gadgets as they can always make your life or break your life in any given situation. Your gadgets can be misused by anyone and might put you in immense trouble. Proper handling is essential as your extreme enthusiasm may end up in serious problems like using your phones while driving etc.,

Slam the way for laziness and don’t kill time

There are many people, especially the teenagers and youngsters who kill time just by sitting with their gadgets, failing to recognize the significance of time and their future. These people sleep every day after listening to their favorite music and their day dawns again with their gadgets. People turn lazy day by day with the emerging of numerous apps used in the smart phones that can do A to Z of their works. Physical strength is essential for  trouble-free living and that needs little exercise as well. Don’t just rely on your gadgets for your shopping or your banking always. Just spare some time and explore the joy of direct shopping and enrich your touch with nature.

The world has seen greatest changes since industrial revolution and the booming technological advancement has opened the door for express living. Just keep in mind that

Machines are for making men’s life merry and they should never make men as machines in any given circumstances.


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