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January 22, 2011

Posters are a great way to spread the word, especially when they are well designed.A good poster should be very suggestive, expressing in a right manner the subject for which was created. Once the poster design is in its final stages, the next step is to translate it on paper, by making use of some great poster printing services, in order to start an effective marketing campaign. Music inspire us and make us feel good, therefore I`m sharing with you some of the most inspirational and suggestive examples of music posters!

ASAD Sound Poster by ~fuelyourdesign

Live Music Unsigned by ~squiffythewombat

The Attic by ~squiffythewombat

The Art of Music by ~EterDis

DESIGN MUSIC by *RichardTheRough

poster by ~ragdav

Kill Hannah by ~GraniteRoses

River Party by ~SeBDeSiGN

Work – Live Music by ~DISENT

the experiment by ~atmosphair3

E-party by ~absintho

music poster by ~kwondo51

Charles Telfair Music Day by ~hstudios

music wonderland by ~CHIN2OFF

life to your sound 2 poster by *tutom

Fire and Music by `duhcoolies

Anno 08 Poster predesign by `Destin8x

Music Event Poster by ~imneway

Devendra Gig Poster by =IRXN

Music Poster by ~the-tank

The Project . Band Poster by ~blueplasticbag


Cuban Art poster: Music Piracy by ~Mykol225

LBar Poster by ~Mattoman

FlameTapes Music Poster by ~vsumic

Artificial Intelligence by ~Crittz

MTV EMA Awards by ~WesselHaites

Massive Attack Poster by *Demen1

Music poster a2 by ~wilhelm1989

Concert in the Park by ~CMJiaz

Music Poster by ~layzZ

REBORN POSTER by ~spyrko

TechSupport by ~Crittz

Music Festival Poster by ~austers

Techno Poster by ~IVYangelica

Bloc Party by ~AlternateRaiL

Clay Guevara by *silocult

Music Festival by ~blacklabel88

Studiul Realului Poster by ~rd-signs

monday by ~vector00


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