Nowadays, more and more web applications are trying to take their stake from the internet, coming in your help and trying to make your internet`s life easier through their admin panels. Many people are using today twitter and facebook,or other social networks to communicate,and as a reward,big networks are offering what is called “The API key” (application programming interface) to help programmers to create related web applications.

Now,is so simple to create a web app,there are many tutorials showing you how to use the key;all you have to do is to come with an out of the box idea.So,you have the application.What`s next?

I`m saying an “Administration Panel” and you must agree my point of view because is a must-have for a web app.So,I want to come in your help and presenting you 34 most appealing and fully featured back-end control admin panels from the internet.

Choose you favourite,create an web app and start taking your internet stake too!

Updated: October 2015

Best Administration Panels / Admin Templates of 2015

An admin panel is a must have for web applications like e-commerce projects or content management systems,known as CMS,and these beautiful panels are full of features created to make your life easier.All are perfectly coded and using the power of jQuery to animate the panels.

Metronic Admin Template

Metronic is more than just a simple admin template. It also comes with a front-end theme. It`s a responsive dashboard template built on the famous Twitter Bootstrap framework. The template is easy to be used on multiple application types: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, SAAS and even websites.

Metronic - Responsive admin template

Melon – Responsive Admin Template

As you already know, responsive is the hot keyword nowadays. Even if it is a very powerful admin template, Melon is responsive from head to toe. It suits any type of application, because of the tens of widgets available.

Melon - the responsive admin template solution

ToDo – Web Application and Admin Panel Template

ToDo is a bit different from a regular admin template. It has a more user friendly interface, oriented to a single user activity, rather than to the entire app. It integrates elements like email client, notes, tasks and timeline.

ToDo - Bootstrap based admin dashboard

FlatKit – Bootstrap 3 App Template

FlatKit is complex. Is so complex and yet so simple to use. But because it is that complex, is the perfect tool to build the back-end of any CRM, CMS or SAAS application. FYI, it contains hundreds of more or less useful components.

FlatKit admin dashboard template for CRM and SAAS

First – Mobile Admin Panel

The team behind First is advertising the template as a mobile first web application and admin panel theme. Well, it works that way too. It features a flat and gorgeous design, implemented on Bootstrap platform, so it is responsive too. It has enough components to ensure even the back-end for a secret service!

First - mobile application and admin panel

Simpla Admin

Simpla Admin is a professional template with a beautiful and user friendly interface. With various smart and intuitive jQuery functions, navigating the interface is a breeze.


Complete Liquid Admin Panel

Complex Liquid Admin template that contains a login page as well as a modular content page that includes all the elements you could possibly need in your admin. From these elements you should be able to generate any required page.


Admintasia backend control panel

Admintasia is a complete backend administration user interface that has the flexibility to house any kind of application. It loads last, it’s intuitive and easy to use, it uses only three small images and it also looks good.


Profi Admin

Profi Admin is a clean and simple style template but it’s complexity and expandability goes beyond expectations. The big visual menu creates the intuitive navigation while the tabbed and the hidden submenu expands the structure to 3 menu levels. Inspired by the WordPress Administration layout.


Cleanity Complete Admin

This professional looking and highly flourished skin is suitable for almost any kind purpose. Cleanity is a compilation of all features you might need on an administration theme.



This is how a CMS skin should look.


UltraAdmin Full Control

Advanced yet easy to use administration panel template. It includes 4 color schemes (the very hot aurora graphic skin, white, blue and dark skins) and is divided in a login page and two content pages that includes all the the elements you could possibly need in your admin. From these elements you can generate any required page.


Smart Admin

This cutting edge theme is best suitable for almost any CMS interface, particularly for serious ones.
Enabled with jquery based tabbed boxes inside pages, this theme is highly user-friendly and stylish.


Boxie Admin Panel

Simple, stylish and modern template for your website’s administration.
7 color variants included.


Meta Admin

Advanced yet easy to use administration panel template. It includes 4 color schemes (blue, green, grey, red) and is divided in a login page and a content page that includes all the the elements you could possibly need in your admin. From these elements you can generate any required page.


Flexy Admin

Advanced and easy to use administration theme which comes in 7 different colour variations. The theme is liquid, which means the width of the content area adapts to your browsers window size.
The template is divided into a login page and a content page that uses 4 different tabs to display the commonly used interface elements, needed to create an admin panel.


Fresh CMS

Tired and bored by all of the basic admin skins here, well there is a solution and it’s called FreshCMS. Amaze your clients with this CMS skin!
FreshCMS is a fresh kind of skin/theme, there is no similar kind of skin/theme here on ThemeForest! This skin/theme is almost complete(about 80%). This means that you can save some time in designing and building of a CMS . FreshCMS is packed with jQuery stuff like toggle, styleswitcher, delete content, sortable and more.


Broom Cupboard Admin Skin

Broom Cupboard is a simple, sylish and novel back-end theme for any custom dynamic website. Built using valid XHTML and CSS with a few jQuery flourishes (form validation, datepicker), this admin skin is easy to customise and intuitive to use.


Ultimate Admin Panel Solution

You’re a great php programmer, but you find your web applications not really visualy appealing? Ultimate Admin Theme is perfect solution for you and your web applications!



Titanium is an admin panel template with tons of features, including tabs, dialogs, tooltips, buttons, etc. It comes in three different themes, and it’s also very easy to add your own color scheme.

Contrary to most admin panel, which overwhelm the user with options, icons, and buttons, Titanium was made with one goal in mind: keep it simple. But simple doesn’t mean dumb: the template uses flexible markup that lets you change elements width, height, and placement, and all elements are provided in photoshop files as individual slices, which lets you easily change colors or styles.


Wide Admin

Wide admin is a powerful lightweight backend interface application, ready to use for any software / cms you want.


AP Admin Panel

The AP Administration Panel is a (html)admin skin that comes with lots of usable (jQuery)effects, almost every thing works, go and see it for you self!


Ninja Admin

Ninja Admin is a clean and efficient admin skin that is easy to modify and brand. Use this layout to impress your friends and clients with an intuitive admin panel… be a Ninja.


Written by Madalin Tudose

Madalin Tudose is a web designer and developer who loves to inspect websites for new designing techniques and trends. He`s the founder of Ourtuts, where he blogs about anything related to web development.

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    2. UltraAdmin Full Control

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