Have you ever thought how those beautiful icons which all of us make use of them in our web designing projects are made?

Here are 30 Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials about “how to design most beautiful and fully detailed icons in Photoshop and Illustrator”.

I will start with one of the most important photoshop blog, Tutorial9 which has some beautiful and detailed icons design tutorials.

Glossy Volt Icon


Design a Stylish Mail Icon in Photoshop


Design a 3D Box Icon in Photoshop


I continue with a beautiful battery icon designed in Photoshop from VectorTuts

How to Create a Transparent Battery Icon


High Gloss Graduation Hat Icon Design Tutorial

From came a beautiful graduation hat icon design:


Create An Aperture Style Camera Lens Icon

This icon tutorial it`s created in Illustrator and not in Photoshop.Illustrator may be a better solution for those who want to create icons.But whatever tool you choose,both offer you resources for creating icons.

In this tutorial is created a detailed camera lens similar to the one used as the logo for Apple’s Aperture photo-editing software.


Yellow Helmet Icon

This tutorial explains you how to copy the shape of a helmet and create the icon in Photoshop.


Handy 3D Vector Calendar Icon

Another icon tutorial created in Illustrator is this handy 3D vector Calendar icon from Vectortuts.


Traffic Cone Icon in Photoshop


Delicious Chinese Food Icon

This tutorial is also created in Adobe Illustrator.I put it here for Adobe Illustrator fans and for those who don`t know how to use this tool too…who knows,maybe this showcase will convince them to discover the beauty of Adobe Illustrator.


Lock Icon Tutorial


Jaguar Style Folder Icon Tutorial in Photoshop


LG LCD Monitor Icon Tutorial

This tutorial shows you a simple but powerful way to create icons in Photoshop,starting from a simple rectange.


Creating a Sony Playstation logo icon in photoshop


Design a Detailed Compass Icon in Photoshop

Another great and very detailed tutorial from PsdTuts,this Photoshop tutorial shows you how to control shadows and reflections to add realism to the final design.


Design an USB portable speaker logo icon in Photoshop

That`s a great tut.I always admired how those innovative high tech stuffs are created.Here`s a beautiful attempt:


Simple Coffee Cup Icon Photoshop Tutorial

A simple and cute coffee cup icon,created in Photoshop and very easy to replicate.


Create a Wooden Stack Dock Icon in Photoshop

That`s a beautiful and fully creative icon tutorial:How to create a wooden stack dock icon in Photoshop.


Create an Adobe Box Icon in Photoshop


How to Create a Van Icon in Photoshop

A pretty out of the box tutorial,this icon illustrate the dexterity and the creativity of the designer to work with the Photoshop tool.


How to Create a Cute and Adorable Twitter Icon in Photoshop


Create a tools icon in Photoshop


Design a tv icon logo in photoshop


Create a Detailed Camera with Photo Icon


Design a Float Circle Icon

If you follow this tutorial you`ll be able to create social icon packs for all your design.


Photoshop Gold Ipod Shuffle Icon tutorial


Making a digital watch icon in Photoshop


How to Make a Vector Military Cap Icon


Book Icon tutorial in Photoshop


How to Create a Juicy RSS Feed Icon

And finally,I present you this juicy Illustrator tutorial about how to create an original RSS Feed Icon.


That was all for today!I hope you enjoyed the showcase and if you did,please subscribe below to OurTuts to receive more news,Photoshop tutorials,freebies and inspiration.

Written by Madalin Tudose

Madalin Tudose is a web designer and developer who loves to inspect websites for new designing techniques and trends. He`s the founder of Ourtuts, where he blogs about anything related to web development.

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