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January 18, 2012
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Reading statistics and facts in words is as boring as walking alone in the desert and no one will actually read the entire data. Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousands words, but in the case of an infographic, the stake is way much higher.

Designing infographics is not as easy as it seems. The main idea of an infographic is to make the reader learn the information easier, in a less time consuming way, by presenting him graphic elements with informational character.

Switching from words to pictures is the right way to drive more traffic and increase the quality of your website. A good infographic will get shared by people on social networks and will even get embedded on their own websites, just because the design is so cool. So, next time you want to present some data on your website, do it with pictures not with words. You can get inspired from the next collection of infographics I consider to be some of the most awesome and very explanatory designs!


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