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June 15, 2012
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Building a brand has to start with the logo. It`s vital to understand the importance of a logo when building brand awareness and also the purpose of branding, which is not about getting your targeted market to choose you over the competition, but to getting them to see you as the only one who has solutions to their problems. So what are the key factors which define a logo? A logo has to deliver the message clearly, a logo has to confirm your credibility and it has to be perfectly designed.

Designing a logo is not an easy task, because as I said above, it has to connect your business with your prospects. But once you manage to integrate the business ideology inside the logo, your job is almost done. The main tools for designing logos are without a doubt the very popular Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I might say that Photoshop is easier for use than Illustrator, but you have to pay attention to your layers, because when you`ll decide to print it, it might get blurred. Illustrator solves this issue, because is working only with shape layers. The logo is the central element of your marketing campaigns. In order to start an effective campaign, logo has to be present on every stationery element, because when you`ll proceed to business cards printing or stickers printing or other promotional materials, the market you`re targeting has to start interacting with your business when they get your materials.

If you`re in the progress of rebranding your business or are thinking to build a new business and aren`t sure about your logo, here are some corporate logos to get you inspired!


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